Model:95 CNC Automatic Hobbing Machine

95 CNC Automatic Hobbing Machine
Designed for producing small gears
Automatic Operation!High precision! High productivity !


95 CNC Automatic Hobbing Machine 1/1.5
Max.workpiece of Dia. 60
Number og teeth 6-999
Max.workpiece dia 100 mm


Swivel angle of hob head ±45°
Axial travel of hob head 60 mm
Hob Spindle up and down movement 16 mm


Max. size of hob 32 mm
Hob spindle speed 5000 rpm


Axial rapid feed (Z-axis) 1000 mm/分
Radial rapid feed (X-axis) 1000 mm/分
Hydraulic motor 0.75 Kw
Power 380 V 10kW
Floor space 1330*1330*2300 mm
Net weight 1250 KG